Do we have too much choice?

Is there such a thing as too much choice? Look at everything we have to distract us nowadays…. so much TV, radio, music, dvd, film, gaming, internet, bars, eateries, careers, advice, types of brown sauce. I was reading somewhere of something called choice paralysis. People have so much choice in their lives that they become paralysed with the fear of making the wrong choice. Has that happened to you? Or do you think that there’s still further to go?

i’m all for choice, competition etc.. but i do have a gut feeling that we do have too much choice in some things… life could be simpler, like 3 or 4 insurance companies rather then 3 or 400.. on the other hand its is better then no choice at all for sure.

Our modern society gives us false choices to make us feel better about ourselves, to make us buy their stuff, to distract us from really important things that are going on around us. This is mostly harmless, until people who are not prepared and have not practiced are forced to make real choices.

First, I agree with you that choice can be extremely hard.

However, many of the examples you cite are trivial. The choices you seem to be concerned about are illusory. And if not, they’re the boring kind of choice. DVDs? Safe Bars? Plus, you always have the choice to opt out.

How about some real choice in the community? How about a viable third party candidate in a USian presidential election? How about having a popular media not all-but-locked-up by four or five megacorporations?